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A Hands-On Introduction To Two New Bicolor UK AAA Quality Replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Models

Today, perfect replica Omega UK is expanding its Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch collection with two new bicolor/two-tone models. It’s an exciting day for those who may have wanted the latest movement and updates but found the all-steel fake watches online too boring and all-gold versions too expensive. In other words, these two new Moonwatch variants could be the perfect middle ground.

For a long time, aside from special and limited editions, luxury fake Omega’s Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch was only available in stainless steel with a black dial and either a Hesalite or sapphire crystal. After introducing the current Moonwatch with caliber 3861 in 2021, the brand added Sedna, Moonshine, and Canopus Gold models. A few months ago, best 1:1 copy Omega also added a white-dial option to the catalog, which seems to attract a new audience on top of the Speedmaster enthusiasts.

Not the first bicolor Speedmasters
The current collection was missing a two-tone variation of the Speedmaster Professional. However, from 1983 onward, aaa quality replica Omega UK had several steel-and-gold variations of the Moonwatch. The last was a high end copy Omega Speedmaster Professional Tokyo 2020 LE that came out in 2018. The two new Speedmaster Moonwatch models use Omega’s Moonshine (yellow) and Sedna (rose) Gold.

Getting the colors correct
According to Swiss movement fake Omega’s Vice President of Product Gregory Kissling, the recipe was easy, but the execution was not. Getting the same dial colors as the solid-gold links, bezel, pushers, and crown was challenging.

For example, the steel and Moonshine Gold version has a silvery base dial and sub-dials with a galvanic 18K Moonshine Gold treatment. It required quite some effort, extensive testing, and several prototypes to get the sub-dial colors to match the solid 18K Moonshine Gold.

Moonshine and Sedna Gold alloys
Moonshine Gold is an alloy Omega super clone for sale UK introduced five years ago for the Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary limited editions. Since then, the brand has also used it on other models (even non-Speedmaster watches). This specific alloy of 18K yellow gold consists of 14% silver, 1% palladium, less than 9% copper, and 75% regular gold, resulting in a slightly paler yellow color.

Sedna Gold debuted in 2012 and is Swiss made fake Omega’s proprietary rose gold alloy. It comprises more than 75% gold, over 20% copper, and more than 1% palladium. Due to wearing conditions, standard rose gold turns a bit yellowish after time. High Quality replica Omega’s Sedna Gold alloy will slow down this process.