UK Cheap Fake Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 “Rising Sun”

I was on holiday in Spain in the summer of 2018, sitting next to the hotel pool, when suddenly, I saw on my phone that perfect replica Omega UK had introduced this watch for the Japanese market. After inquiring at Omega HQ, I received more information on the set of five Speedmasters for the then-upcoming 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. My favorite was this model, luxury fake Omega ref. 522., with a red tachymeter insert and platinum-look dial. It was like no previous Speedmaster Professional variation and added some color to my mostly black-dial Speedmaster collection.

Only 2020 pieces
Of each model, Swiss made replica Omega produced 2020 pieces to commemorate the year in which the Tokyo Games should have occurred. Aside from that, Omega introduced 55 sets with all five watches, as you can read here. I have one of these watches, and a few other Fratello team members do as well, and it’s a great edition of the iconic chronograph. This 42mm cheap fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Tokyo 2020 was dubbed “Rising Sun” by our own Michael Stockton in this 2018 article, and the nickname has been in use ever since.

Special packaging for the Speedmaster Tokyo 2020
The AAA quality fake Omega Speedmaster “Rising Sun” and the other Tokyo 2020 models were all delivered in special Olympic Games-themed white boxes. We are offering the complete set, including the Tokyo 2020 white leather wallet with all the official cards. You can find the 1:1 super clone Omega Speedmaster Pro ref. 522. in our online shop here.

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