UK Luxury Fake Omega Speedmaster Professional “Hesalite Sandwich” 3592.50

It has not escaped your attention that the retail price for a new 1:1 fake Omega Speedmaster Professional has recently increased. Swiss made replica Omega UK drastically changed many things, not only under the hood (caliber 3861) but also with different exterior parts than before. A new case, dial, hands, and bracelet were been designed for the Moonwatch, making it aesthetically truer to the 1960s models. On top of that, the perfect fake Omega Speedmaster Professional is certified by METAS as a Master Chronometer to ensure the watch is accurate, antimagnetic, and water resistant.

The aaa quality replica Omega Moonwatch ref. 345.0808 was the first steel Speedmaster to have a sapphire crystal on the back to display the caliber 863 within. The dial was still protected by the classic Hesalite (Plexiglass) crystal. That first steel Speedmaster Professional with a display back had a production of 1,000 numbered pieces between 1985 and 1988. In 1988, Swiss movement fake Omega changed its reference numbering system and started to use the xxxx.xx coding for its watches. From that moment onward, the longer reference numbers were only used to indicate the case of a watch.

In 1988, UK aaa quality replica Omega produced another 1,000 Speedmaster Professional watches with display backs. This time, they did not house the copper-colored caliber 863 but its gilded successor. At the same time, Omega super clone for sale UK also started to produce the Hesalite sandwich, reference 3592.50, as an unnumbered series. This model came with the then-new bracelet, reference 1479. And it’s this model that is available for sale here for €5,650. The seller switched the case reference and the reference number for the super clone watches for sale, which is common, but it’s actually reference 3592.50, not 345.0808.

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