UK Replica Rolex Watches and Motor Sports

UK Rolex replica think the spirit of adventure gives each person the courage to reach beyond the limits of their own mental confines to benefit their communities and the wider world. Now, we are pleased to introduce the story about the Rolex and motor sports.UK Replica Rolex Watches and Motor Sports-

Actively supported by Rolex, the BLOODHOUND Project is planning to break the World Land Speed Record in 2016, with a jet and rocket-powered supersonic car reaching the tremendous speed of 1,609 km/h. Copy Rolex watches UK stand by this high-technology project because of its educational challenge: to stimulate interest in science and engineering around the world, just like the space exploration and other technological feats that inspired a new generation of scientists and technicians.

UK Rolex Copy Watches and Motor Sports

UK Rolex Copy Watches and Motor Sports 

Rolex has specially developed two bespoke cockpit instruments for BLOODHOUND SSC that play a vital role in breaking the World Land Speed Record. The analogue speedometer and chronograph are crafted for life at 1,000 mph, according with Rolex’s strict standards of precision and reliability. The speedometer and the chronograph with iconic Rolex analogue dials, will flank driver Andy Green’s hands on the left and right of the dashboard. Featuring Rolex’s legendary reliability, these precise instruments will offer a necessary visual reference and fail‑safe back-up for mission-critical information: speed and time. In addition, these instruments have backlit dials to ensure the ideal legibility even in the shadows of the confined cockpit, which are featured by the green and gold crown emblem as well as the inverted triangle at the zero mark that belong to UK Swiss fake Rolex watches.

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